WAI2Go is our flagship product, an interactive, multidimensional mapping platform, whose features include powerful location-based information, way-finding and content management functions. The platform enables existing plans in any format for complex, multilevel sites and buildings to be imported and customised. Floorplans are converted into routable maps, multiple layers of client-defined information can be added, and variable levels of security defined.

The software platform is unique in its capacity to negotiate indoor as well as outdoor spaces; users are offered a choice of navigational preferences, enabling them to route-plan from any single point to any other, moving seamlessly indoors and out as their journey and individual needs dictate. In addition WAI2Go enables the embedding of a wide variety of dynamic map content, tailored to specific site contexts and client preferences.

A suite of tools make up the growing WAI2Go portfolio, enabling ever-more sophisticated systems management:

Our WAI2Go Device Manager gives clients day-to-day control over device content and the information displayed to end users, whilst our WAI2Go Software Development Kit enables client developers to employ their bespoke WAI2Go map within their own apps. WAI2Go maps can also be embedded into other mapping systems such as Google or Apple maps, ensuring wide geographical relevance. WAI2Go Broker facilitates access to external databases, thereby enabling the map-based integration of diverse outside information and delivery of a much wider variety of location-aware services. The latest addition to our product range, the WAI2Go wireless platform, enables us to offer a range of services via ‘WAItags’, our beacon and mobile monitoring/relay technology, including: environmental readings; health and safety applications, for example the safeguarding of lone workers, children and vulnerable adults; security applications, such as the monitoring and tracking of assets, all integrated within the mapping platform.


The WAI2Go content management and digital broker system provides access to local and external databases to allow layers of location information to be superimposed on the maps. The platform can be integrated with other information systems such as directories, events, timetabling, advertising, fault and resource management systems to rapidly deploy sophisticated location-aware services.

WAI2Go can capture bus transport timetable information, display routes and present this at each bus stop point along the route. Where real time bus data is available, this can be used to provide more accurate information. Using interactive kiosks, web or Smartphone applications, a user can search and filter associated information. QR codes, NFC tags and iBeacons can also be used to direct smartphone users to further hyperlocal information.


WAI2Go provides clients with a secure, cloud based management system which allows them to make day to day adjustments to their maps and to the presented information. A map editor controls access to the customised maps while a content manager gives day to day control over displayed information and over temporary routing changes, for example due to road works. WAI2Go allows these changes to be made while an app is in operational use without having to re-issue the App. The maps include features that allow faults to be reported or comments and suggestions to be fed back to the client manager.


WAI2Go offers a range of mix and match modules designed to meet a variety of client requirements. The client specifies the features wanted in their solution and we use the modules together with their map to rapidly configure a unique solution.


Develop your own apps using the bespoke map and SmartNE APIs. The SDK allows you to make adjustments to the layers and icons on the map as well as to use the WAI2Go mapping and brokering capabilities within your own app designs.