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About Us

Smart Networked Environments specialise in the development of advanced, location-based services, with particular expertise in indoor/outdoor mapping, positioning and wayfinding across complex sites and event venues, and the design of sophisticated accompanying content management tools. Our SmartHUB platform supports a modular, highly customisable system, capable of being applied to a wide variety of user contexts and client briefs.


Our company was formed in 2011, specialising in indoor wayfinding at a time when most mapping stopped at the front door. Since then, we have evolved to support diverse functionality and application, giving the platform its relevance across sectors, including education, health, public, commercial and industrial settings. Today, whilst indoor positioning and the creation of bespoke, beautiful host maps continue to be central features of our work, we are especially motivated by the ways in which our technology and expertise can be creatively utilised in the representation and management of large sites and events, where mapping is only one element of the mix. 


Increasingly, we know, our clients want single-point, integrated systems, where mapping is synchronised with the multiple other elements of site/event management (e.g. timetabling, space allocation, asset-tracking, meeting organisation, booking/registration processes), and where live data may be similarly embedded (e.g. environmental measures, live transport information etc). In response, the SmartHUB's flexible suite of content management tools is now as defining of our work as our front-facing maps. 


We are a friendly company and collaboration is central to our approach. We pride ourselves in our attention to context and detail in all of our communications with clients. We always design and develop with clearly articulated purposes in mind, and we love problem-solving!

We welcome a conversation with you...please contact us

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