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Information and Service Brokering

Connecting & integrating with other data, information and services   

In many situations, relevant data is available in different formats in different locations and is already managed by individuals within or outside an organisation. 

SmartHUB merges datasets from such diverse sources, avoiding replication. It enables indefinite layers of current information to be linked to map locations and the rapid deployment of services (e.g. timetabling; meetings and registration; fault management; environmental monitoring: energy consumption, temperature and room occupancy).

The SmartHUB platform consolidates information and makes it available to the Application and Content Manager (ACM) to create either public-facing  or administrative applications from within the Application Builder. Additional functionality can also be applied, such as filtering and cross-correlating between disparate datasets.


We have two methods of obtaining external information:

  • A crawler function is configured to periodically scrape information from either web pages, RSS feeds or it can even parse spreadsheet content.

  • Alternatively, if information or a service has an external interface and allows third-party access using APIs or other protocol interfaces, a translator creates a communication channel between the WAi2Go platform and the 3rd party system. We can interface with most types of interface formats including  REST, MQTT,  WS and SQL.  

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