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Privacy Statement

​We take seriously our our GDPR responsibilities to keep to the minimum necessary the client data we hold, and to look after it responsibly and securely.


We collect and hold the following types of personal data for client personnel who have authorised access to SmartNE software: name, email address and - occasionally - telephone number.

This data is held exclusively for the purpose of granting back end editorial permissions for named staff in relation to their own maps/sites, as part of their contractual arrangement with the company.


Such permissions are only activated at the request of the client who also controls what information we hold and the level of responsibilities or permissions granted to each named individual.

We do not collect client data for any other purpose. We do not share client data outside the company or use the data we hold beyond this remit.

We hold such client data only for the period that the contract is either live or within a 12 month period of termination. 

SmartNE's full contact information is available via our Contact Us page.

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