WAi2Go: Our Location-Based Services Delivery Platform

The WAi2Go platform is the defining framework for all SmartNE projects: a sophisticated, powerful platform for a wide variety of smart city, campus and building solutions

Bespoke interactive indoor-outdoor maps, advanced dynamic navigation, an integrated broker and content management system, the ability to merge any number of datasets such that information can be intuitively linked to locations on the map. 

The WAi2Go platform offers a complete turnkey solution that works within all web browsers, on desktop and mobile devices, digital signage, touchscreen kiosks and mobile apps. Additionally, a comprehensive suite of Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs) enable customers to integrate WAi2Go functionality seamlessly within their own applications. WAi2Go's flexible architecture allows modifications, progressive extensions and the incremental introduction of new features at any stage of the product lifetime process.


WAi2Go platform architecture

Facility Management System

3rd Party

Data & Information Sources


CAD plans


Multi-channel Communication






Customer Applications

WAi2Go can be deployed on a Virtual Machine (VM) within your own IT infrastructure, or we can host the platform as a secure cloud-based service.

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