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Application & Content Management

Sophisticated tools help build applications, manage content and analyse usage

Provides a single-point, multifaceted but easy-to-use back-end system for the control of all platform applications.

Role-based access can be assigned the various stakeholders who may have different remit or levels of authority to update platform content.  


Authorised personnel may extract analytics, push new notifications, edit event information, modify floor plans and maps, add scheduled closures or warnings and manage digital signage and touchscreen kiosks.

User managing content via WAI2Go ACM app and web interface

 Key Features

  • Provides secure API connections to end-devices and applications

  • Exposes different levels of information and services for different applications

  • Enables role-based access and administrative control for application and content management

  • Supports multiple platform delivery and allows push notifications and alerts to users across multiple platforms

  • Supports varied application: event management; study space occupancy;meetings, personnel directory; parking availability; interactive tours

  • Generates detailed analytics on how the platform is being used and manages feedback

Multi-Channel Communication

Multi-Channel Communication: maximising user engagement
and information dissemination 

The channels WAI2Go supports: desktop browsers, kiosks, tablets and smartphones

Where communication to users across multiple channels is required, SmartHUB offer solutions for:


  • All major mobile and desktop web browsers

  • Apple iOS & Google Android tablets and Smartphones

  • Digital signage & interactive kiosks/totems

​The SmartHUB signage player can be installed on Windows or Linux-based digital signage or touchscreen kiosks. An easy-to-use administrative interface allows control and management of device content by authorised personnel via the signage management console within the platform dashboard

Application examples

Application Examples

The flexible architecture of the SmartHUB allows the creation of diverse applications that which synchronise with external data via the information and service broker.

Event management

User managing event via app and ACM web interface
  • Connect to existing event management system or configure to periodically crawl web pages or RSS feeds to consolidate event data

  • Associate events to locations

  • View event in list or map format

  • Manage events through the administrative dashboard

  • Push notifications to advertise events

  • Create applications for web, Smartphones and interactive kiosks/totems

Personnel Directory

  • Connect to your personnel directory database

  • Click on a location to view occupant details

  • Search the directory, show resulting information on the map and get directions 

Personnel directory shown via WAi2Go app

Parking Availability

Parking space management via Wai2Go app
  • Connect to your parking space management system

  • If data is not available as an API, set up the broker
    to periodically crawl web pages for the necessary information and make it available within the platform


  • Order list of car parks, colour code icons and display available spaces on interactive maps

Meeting bookings and management

Meeting bookings displayed on mobile app
  • Easily connect to meeting room booking databases

  • Click on a location to view booked meetings

  • Search for meetings, show them on a map and get directions to them

  • Push meeting room information to digital signage outside meeting rooms or on foyer signage

Interactive Tours

  • Create indoor and outdoor self-guided tours

  • Use maps tailored for tours, rather than standard maps or floor plans for other applications

  • Configure multi-stop routes between any number of points-of-interest (POI)

  • Add multimedia content for each POI

Campus tours displayed via website browser

Study Space Occupancy

  • Help to maximise the use of study spaces by informing students of their current availability

  • Illustrate study spaces per building as colour-coded icons on map

  • Find the nearest study spaces and get step-by-step directions to them

  • Push study space information to web, Smartphones and digital signage/ interactive kiosks

Map showing campus study space occupacy via web browser
Map showing campus study space occupacy via mobile app
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