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WAi2Go: Indoor Positioning & Asset Tracking

A solution to the problem of locating users and assets within buildings

WAi2Go provides ‘GPS-like’ services indoors, including step-by-step wayfinding and the easy visualisation of tracked assets on building floorplans. Accurate positioning also enables triggered actions
(e.g. targeted messaging for events and exhibitions, hyperlocal advertising in shopping malls, or the geo-fencing of high-value equipment in hospitals).

Indoor Positioning Technologies

A number of indoor positioning technologies are available such as ​ WiFi trilateration, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beaconing, sensor fusion platforms,  geomagnetic field fingerprinting and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB).


We have worked with all of these technologies but the optimum solution that best fits a given environment is very dependent on a number of factors. The strength of the WAi2Go platform is that it can interface easily to different indoor positioning systems and technologies. 

Asset Tracking

Integrate an asset tracking system with WAI2Go to visualise the locations of assets on building floorplans, regardless of the tracking technology. Find the nearest asset taking into account the building constraints using the WAi2Go wayfinding capabilities. Understand how assets have moved over a period of time using  heatmap visualisations superimposed on building floorplans.

Indoor positioning interface on mobile phone
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