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Towns and Cities

Make your town or city smarter and more efficient with our enterprise Smart City Solutions.

Help visitors plan their way easily to, from and around your town or city; help them  quickly find their bearings and the information they need. Improve communications with notifications and alerts delivered to multiple devices and technologies. Manage and view assets, resources and other sensor information. Automatically consolidate information from multiple sources to avoid replicating already-existing information and effort.

Our Smart City technology brings a whole new range of capabilities to your town or city.

Smart City Features

​Mapping and wayfinding

  • Interactive data-driven maps and floor plans

  • Step-by-step directions including options for users with impaired mobility 

  • Integrate shopping centres and museum floor plans

Transport planning and management

  • Parking and hire bike availability

  • Real-time public transport and shuttle bus information

Accessing, generating and disseminating live information

  • Connect with staff directories for council offices

  • Integrate events from a variety of sources

  • Integrate and visualise air quality measurements

  • Push notifications, advertisements and alerts


Visitor and public information

  • Develop historic timelines and interactive tours

  • Inform public of activities and events, and notify them of planned and ad-hoc disruptions


Unique applications​

  • Ability to quickly build bespoke applications to meet the specific needs of your town or city

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Supported Delivery Platforms


WAi2Go supports multiple platforms, including: native Smartphone applications, mobile and desktop web browsers, digital signage, and interactive kiosks and to totems

Role-based administration

Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 17.03.32.png

Secure role-based management tools allow the distributed management of the platform across multiple departments and stakeholders.

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