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Smart Campus Solutions: make your campus smarter for students and staff, and more efficient...

Improve the experience of your students, staff and visitors: help them to quickly find their bearings and the information they need. Improve communications with notifications and alerts delivered to multiple devices and technologies. Automatically consolidate information from multiple sources to ensure administrative staff don't waste time replicating already-existing information. 

Our Smart Campus technology brings a whole new range of capabilities to your university.

Smart Campus Features

Mapping and wayfinding

  • ​Interactive data-driven maps and floor plans

  • Step-by-step directions including options for users with impaired mobility 

Accessing, generating and disseminating live information​

  • Meeting and timetable information

  • Study space occupancy and computer availability

  • Syncing with staff directories​

  • Energy and environmental information

  • Campus developments and disruptions

  • Push notifications, advertisements and alert

Transport planning and management

  • Parking and hire bike availability

  • Real-time public transport and shuttle bus information

Event planning and management

  • Campus events

  • Open day information and campus tours

  • Matriculation and Freshers' week planning

Unique applications​

  • Ability to quickly build bespoke applications to meet the specific needs of your campus or events

Case studies

University Campus Case Studies


Work is underway importing the floor plans of over 80 buildings within the University of Oxford to give staff, student and visitors  indoor and outdoor navigation and location-based information around the city centre. Administrative staff will also use the interactive maps to overlay other non-public information in order to help improve operational efficiencies.

University of Oxford

Coming soon

This is one of our most recent projects deploying across all channels: web, Smartphone and interactive kiosks/totems. Real-time study space and computer lab availability guides students to the least congested areas. Further deployment phases will include the addition of building floor plans and other features.

Find out more...

University of Birmingham


The main Warwick campus occupies 710 acres (2.88 km2) between the City of Coventry and the County of Warwickshire. The system has been widely used by students, staff and visitors  since 2013  as an interactive web and integrated within the Warwick student app.

University of Warwick


The University has three campuses
(Colchester, Southend and Loughton). Colchester (our very first project in 2012) is a notoriously tricky campus to navigate, especially for impaired mobility users (built into a valley, with lifts that don't all stop at each floor), so a true test for the routing algorithms. The resulting app FindYourWay@Essex also offers campus tours, real time computer lab/printer availability, links to timetable and more.

University of Essex


The University of Worcester is located near and within the city of Worcester.  The project involved the import of over 100 floorplans and the creation of a web and  indoor touchscreen kiosks. Since some buildings are within the city centre, end-to-end paths can be from buildings within the city centre to rooms within buildings on the main University campus.  Events and real-time transport information are also  consolidated for the users.

University of Worcester

Coming soon

The University of Hertfordshire  
has three campuses around Hatfield. We deployed the WAi2Go platform in order to provide way-finding across and within the campuses. In addition, real-time parking and computer lab availability is shown as dynamic interactive icons on the map. The extensive WAi2Go APIs are used to integrate the WAi2Go functionality within the University student app that is developed in-house.

University of Hertfordshire

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