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'Green routing' for walking and cycling: for active lives and healthier, happier travel choices...

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

COVID-19 is reshaping the way we think and live, the way we choose to get about, the way we enjoy and connect with green space

We are using SmartNE mapping tools to drive creative approaches to the challenges of these new times. We are building maps that celebrate the local environment and encourage walking and cycling, supporting healthier leisure choices. We are developing dynamic wayfinding tools that direct via safer routes, that connect with greater green interest, and that help to make active, more sustainable travel choices for local, journeys easier and more desirable. With role-based access to content management, these tools are especially suited to all those involved in the planning and promotion of outdoor space: parks and estates teams, local councils, university and campus management, town planning and tourism.

Read on here for more about our work on green routing technologies...

WAI2Go Out! Walking and Cycling
Download • 118KB


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