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Smart Networked Environments (SmartNE) specialise in advanced location-based services, grounded in beautiful, interactive maps, and intuitive solutions for wayfinding, indoor positioning and asset management. Our SmartHUB platform provides sophisticated turnkey systems for the management of major buildings, sites and events.​


Indoor location-based services cannot be delivered without an accurate map or floorplan of a building, Our platform creates stylish maps using the very latest vector mapping technologies that allow unprecedented levels of flexibility and clarity.

Information & Service Brokering

We prefer to consolidate rather than replicate. If there is data or a service available elsewhere, this can easily be integrated into the platform to enhance your user experience. We obtain external information from web pages, RSS feeds or other datasets, connecting easily with a variety of interface formats. 


Getting from A to B via the shortest distance or most accessible route, whilst circumventing closed paths or lifts that are temporarily out of action, are some of our dynamic and responsive wayfinding features. Get shortest route or routes avoiding stairs or steep slopes for mobility impaired users.

Multi-channel Communications

Our platform supports mobile and desktop web, Smartphones/ tablets, digital signage and touchscreen kiosks. We can create applications for any of these channels to maximise your customer contact and information dissemination.  Alternatively, we can work with you to integrate them within your own applications.


Since GPS doesn't work indoors, alternative methods of positioning and locating assets are required. Many factors influence the optimum choice of technology and we can help you with this decision. Our platform works well will all positioning or asset tracking technologies.

Application & Content Management

Whether it be a simple web widget to be embedded within an existing web site, or a complete kiosk or Smartphone application, our platform can create tailor-made applications for different users. Role-based content management allows the content of each application to be controlled  by different stakeholders.

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